Posing for photos.

What do I do with my hands? How should I stand? These are questions I get a lot, and honestly, I think most of us feel pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera – I know I certainly do! Really, the most important thing for me, is that you enjoy yourself – as much as you can – even if you’re anxious about having your photo taken. To help, I will encourage you to keep moving and interacting with each other. I will also offer some gentle cues to help you look your best.

What do I mean by “gentle cues?”

I mean a couple of things.

First, I’m not a posing-sort of photographer. Instead, I use prompts to evoke movement or togetherness or laughter. These prompts help create real emotion AND help you feel more comfortable. Examples of prompts I use: walk away from me, pull your partner, family member, etc. along with you, hold hands, put your hand on their shoulder, kiss on the cheek, whisper something to your partner, etc.

Second, I will sometimes make little suggestions for you to shift your natural stance to create a more flattering shot. Most often however, I will be moving around you to accomplish this without disturbing your experience.

Of course, most people like to know what they can do to look their best – and feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

With that in mind, here are some tips for posing:

    • One important tip is to turn your body at an angle to the camera.
    • Posture, posture, posture. Sit or stand up straight, and gently pull your shoulders back.
    • Put the arm closest to the camera on your hip to accentuate your waist and slim your arm. Move your elbow so it’s pointing behind you.
    • With your body at an angle to the camera, let your weight fall on your back leg and point your front foot towards the camera.
    • Cross your legs at your ankles.
    • Want your upper arms to appear smaller? Instead of smushed against your torso, subtly lift them about an inch off your body.
    • Angle your chin down slightly, and push your face forward.
    • Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. This will help to elongate your neck and reduce the chin.

Below is a slideshow from my mini portrait session with THE YEUNGS.  Clearly, they are posing professionals.  Bodies angled to the camera, relaxed smiles, chins down, great leg positioning.


mini portrait session family holiday 161125Yeung076
mini portrait session family holiday 161125Yeung028
mini portrait session family holiday 161125Yeung053