I find that different parts of the day work better with slightly different approaches. I take a documentary-style / storytelling approach to things like getting ready, the ceremony, first dances, speeches and the party. For portraits of the two of you, I will give you gentle guidance so you are comfortable and look your best - while also ensuring that you get to enjoy each other’s company. For things like group (family, wedding party, etc) photos - I like to keep this fun while also getting the standard shots.

The best way to get a sense of how your photos will look is to review my portfolio and the galleries that I send with your proposal - these will be in a venue and at a time of year similar to your wedding. Simply put, the photos I take are true-to-life and stand the test of time. They reflect how it actually felt to be there. This means that environment will impact how the photos look - the weather, the time of day, the season, and the aesthetic of your venue will all play a part to some degree.  I shoot primarily natural and available light because it’s beautiful, quick, and unobtrusive - with the exception of your reception and/or dark times and spaces. Aesthetically, I like accurate exposures and skin tones - and I prefer uncluttered compositions - even while I use a documentary and storytelling approach to the day.

Portrait and engagement sessions are usually ready within 3 weeks. Wedding images are delivered within 6 weeks - and I also send a sneak peek about a week after your wedding.

A LOT. I shoot the entire time I am with you, and I typically deliver about 75-100 images per hour of shooting, depending on the flow of the day and activities.

I generally deliver about 85% of my digital images in color and the rest in black & white. I am drawn to black and white for busy scenes and images with unflattering color casts. Anything I deliver in color can be converted to black and white upon request - but black and white cannot be converted to color.  

Most of my photos are shot on digital cameras, but I do offer a film add-on for those who want hybrid coverage. Let’s chat if you think you’d like to include film photos as well as digital photography in your package.

I can easily adapt to any wedding weather situation! In fact, some of my favorite photos have happened when things don’t go as planned.

I have an extensive network of well-established, local wedding photographers who will provide exceptional coverage in the case of an emergency. I also include a second photographer with most full-day weddings - and they are all excellent photographers.

Yes. I’m happy to provide a valid certificate of insurance.

It depends on what you are planning. I include a second photographer with all full-day weddings that will have more than 75 guests. When I put together your proposal, I will add a second photographer if I think you need one.

I believe in documenting real life - so I don't airbrush skin or retouch breeze blown hair. But that said, if you have a concern, please let me know - and feel free to ask me about important exceptions I have made for past clients!

At the professional level, photo and video require very different skills.  For this reason, I am devoted entirely to the craft of photography. But I have extensive experience working alongside video teams to get the coverage that my clients want, so please let me know if you'd like me to put you in touch with some of the awesome videographers in my network.