ADVICE: 5 reasons to do an engagement session (that you probably hadn’t thought of).

1) Engagement shoots help you get to know me and vice versa, which is invaluable. It is totally normal to be nervous on the big day.  Doing an engagement session eases any nerves associated with photography. There is one less variable in the mix, and you know that I will put you at ease.

2) Engagement shoots help you get comfortable with me and the camera – before your wedding day, when you will be in the spotlight.

3) You will actually have fun! My couples have a lot of fun during their engagement shoot. My approach is a little bit of posing but mostly prompts to get couples to interact with one another, which leads me to #4:

4) Engagement sessions help me zero in on expressions and interactions that show your unique love and personalities.

5) Engagement photos are evidence of a very unique and magical time in your relationship, when you are planning and moving into the next phase full of promise and love.

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