ADVICE: Engagement photos - what to expect & how to prepare.

The most important thing to do is to try to enjoy yourselves! Even if you are a little nervous, a little shy, don't know what to do with your hands....All of that is COMPLETELY normal and understandable.  My job is to help you feel comfortable. The only thing you have to do is hang out with your future spouse and have as much fun as you can.

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Now, to answer the practical questions:

RAIN. If it looks like rain, we’ll reschedule to our "rain date." I check the weather the day before our session.

LOCATION. We’ll visit a few different spots within a short walking distance.

TIMING. Our shoot will last about 1-2hrs.

POSING. I will give you some gentle posing direction and will also keep you moving and interacting with each other.

PROPS. Unless you are set on it, I prefer not to use props.

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  • Wear clothes that feel like you, rather than something out of your comfort zone.
  • Semi-comfortable shoes are important because we will be walking.
  • Please don’t wear matching outfits. Please.
  • If in doubt, err on the side of casual, as it tends to look more relaxed.
  • Think solid, neutral colors (pastels are fine too) instead of busy prints. (But, if you have a fabulous print you want to wear, just do it, because rules are made to be broken.)
  • Make sure your outfits work for the season and location of your photos (i.e. no stilettos on the beach or bare arms in the snow).
  • Accessories can be awesome, but only if they are your thing. Stick to one or two.
  • When in doubt, think classic, rather than trendy.
  • You only need one outfit (and most of the locations I shoot in lack a convenient place to change lol!)
  • Make sure your nails are clean and tidy.
  • If you have a ring, consider cleaning it prior to our session.
  • And please take everything out of your pockets, and leave all your stuff in your car - I can hold your car keys
  • For winter/fall: layer cozy knits, don’t be afraid to wear a coat, and make use of winter accessories.
  • Here's a pinterest board for some inspiration.

IMAGES. I will send a few sneak peeks a couple days after our session, and then it will take me about 3 weeks to get you all your photos!