Get an album.

Let’s talk about photo albums.  Not photo books. Not prints. Professionally designed and printed albums.  You really should budget for one. Here’s why:


It is the ONLY tangible thing you will have to remember your day. In addition to being an excellent reason to hire a professional photographer who you trust, this is precisely why you need a professionally designed, professionally printed album. You will look at your album on your anniversary.  You will look at your album with family. Your children will look at your album. Nothing I say now will prepare you for how important your photos will be after your wedding.

Professionally designed and printed albums:

    • Are archival quality, and won’t yellow or age over time. (And the technology won’t become obsolete – data loss does not happen with albums.)
    • Have exceptional image quality with true-to-life colors and no visible pixels.
    • Are looked at over and over with your spouse, family, friends, and children.
    • Tell the story of your day in well-designed, well-curated spreads that aren’t cluttered.
    • Have professional, lay-flat bindings (with no center cut) and thick pages, and are big enough that people can gather around and look together.
    • Include 75-100 images that are “flush-mounted” on archival photo paper. Flush mounted: All photos in the spread are printed on one piece of photographic paper that runs seamlessly from edge to edge.
    • Are usually only available via professional photographers and printers who have access to these specialized services.


My heirloom quality albums are designed with 50-75 images to tell a cohesive story that highlights the important people and moments.  They are available in leather, suede, silk or linen and come in three square sizes: 12″ 10″ and 8″. All lay flat perfectly flat without a center cut, and include about 15 custom-designed spreads (one “spread” is two pages, side-by-side).


After your shoot, I create a digital layout of your album with images that I think best tell the story. Then, I send you a link to review the layout. This saves you the trouble of having to review 500+ images to narrow down 50-75 favorites.  Instead, you to simply swap out any images in the design with others that you like more. I generally prioritize friends/family and emotional moments over other types of images when I am designing your album.  You are free to change this, but in 10 years, you will probably care most about reliving the heartfelt moments. The process includes two rounds of image swaps to ensure you love your album.  (TIP: Schedule an album design review “date” with your partner to make the process fun and fast.) Once the design is finalized, you pick out your album sizes, fabrics, and colors.


My album prices start at $800, and most clients spend between $1100 and $2300 on wedding albums.  Interested? Please inquire for more info on my custom products and services, including heirloom albums, guest books, announcement cards, framing, and home gallery consultations.


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