ADVICE: Wedding day scheduling tips.

  • Scheduling cushion time is critical.  Padding the schedule (a lot) will help you feel less rushed and make your day more enjoyable.
  • Group portraits take time. Click here for a blog post on group portraits.
  • Please consider scheduling time just before sunset for couples photos. This can be an additional 15mins during your reception, if you do a first look, or a 30min chunk of time just after group portraits.

On the fence about whether to see each other before the ceremony? Here are a couple reasons you might want to:

  • You will have more flexibility in your timeline - and photos tend to take less time, because there are fewer distractions (no pulling people from post-ceremony greetings or cocktail hour).
  • Everyone's hair, makeup and attire will all be fresh and ready!
  • You can spend some intimate moments with your partner before all the madness. This tends to help you both relax and enjoy yourselves.
  • By getting photos out of the way, you and your guests are free to enjoy yourselves and the event without interruption - and you can be at all of your cocktail hour!

“first look” sample photo schedule

  • Getting ready (1-2hrs)
  • First look + couples portraits (30mins)
  • Group (family + wedding party) photos (45-60mins)
  • Ceremony
  • Couple joins cocktail hour, greets guests (30-45mins)
  • Photographer shoots cocktail hour + details (30mins)
  • Sunset photos with couple (15-20mins)
  • Guests seated for reception
  • Introduction, first dance, speeches, parent dances, cake cutting, dancing

“no first look” sample photo schedule

  • Getting ready (1-2hrs)
  • Ceremony (Note: If you are having a fall/winter wedding, please schedule your day so you have enough time to do both group photos and couple's portraits before sunset!)
  • Group (family + wedding party) photos (45-60mins)
  • Couple portraits (30-45mins) (just before sunset, during cocktail hour)
  • Guests seated for reception
  • Introduction, first dance, speeches, parent dances, cake cutting, dancing

Q. Why is it best to do group photos all at one time?

The thing that takes the most time with portraits is gathering everyone together. If we have to gather groups twice instead of once, it cuts into the schedule and takes time away from enjoying your wedding. This means if you do a first look, we can do group portraits before the ceremony.  If you prefer not to see each other prior, we'll do group portraits immediately after the ceremony, before your couples portraits. More questions about group portraits? Click here.

Q. Do you need a comprehensive list of all the shots we want?

Nope - and you don't want one either! That said, about 3-4 months before your date, I will send you a questionnaire that covers all the things, including 1) your group portraits list, 2) sensitive family dynamics, and 3) sentimental items or unique elements that you are incorporating. Concerned I'll miss something? Read this post.